The Best Choice for Carpet Cleaners in Somerset West

Our Somerset West carpet cleaners believe a clean home enhances your health and happiness. Yet even frequent hoovering cannot prevent dirt from accumulating. That’s where we can help. If you want spotless carpets but don’t want to pay through the roof, then give us a call. All our technicians have years of experience and use only the best stain removers and technology. We’ll give your home a complete makeover. With fast drying times, you’ll soon see the difference.

carpet cleaner Somerset WestAs the leading carpet cleaner service in Somerset West, we tailor our cleaning method for each clients’ needs. We advise between dry and wet cleaning¬†depending on your carpet’s textile and the fabric of your furniture and curtains. We are also offer a range of other home cleanings options, such as mattress sanitising and tile cleaning. We work with all clients, from large hotels to small businesses, hospitals and schools. You can also contact us for emergency cleaning, should you need a stain or spot removing before anyone else finds out!

So, whether your property is an office, business or home, call us now on: 021 300 1794